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How do I Contact Life Industries?
By telephone, at: +92-333-8405611 or by using our contact form
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Can I buy factory direct from Life Industries?
No, Life Industries does not sell directly to the public. Please feel free to visit your nearest Authorized Life Industries Dealer or call +92-333-8405611.
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Where can I find a list of local Authorized Life Industries Dealers?
Use our Dealer Locator, or call +92-333-8405611.
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Where can I have my fan repaired or purchase parts?
Call +92-333-8405611 for a list of your local Authorized Service Centers, or use our Service Center Locator.
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What size fan should I buy?
A fan that is too big for your room may look awkward. A fan that is too small probably will not move enough air. Blade span is the key. Here are some basic recommendations:
For rooms up to 225 square feet (15' x 15') and larger, use a fan with a blade span of 50", 52", 54", or 56".
In rooms up to 144 square feet (12' x 12') we recommend fans with blade spans of 42" or 44".
Smaller rooms up to 64 square feet (8' x 8') should use a fan with a 32" blade span.

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What direction should my fan go for Summer or Winter?
Summer: Forward (Counter Clockwise) - Winter: Reverse (Clockwise)
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How do I talk with a technician about my ceiling fan?
Please call our Consumer Affairs Department at +92-333-8405611.
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Where do I find the model and serial number?
On fans built within the last two years, the model and serial number is typically located on the top of the fan body.
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